Adam Buick

Adam Buick has been a member of the Socialist Party of Great Britain since the early 1960s, speaking and writing on socialism as a moneyless and wageless society. You can read about and find links to a YouTube video of a debate that Adam had with Michael Albert on 23 October 2010: PARECON or a World Without Money?

Adam was on a panel discusion on Life Without Money at Bolivar Hall (London) on 30 May 2012. The script from his talk appears in the first post in June on our book blog and some short video-taped extracts appear here.

Adam regularly writes for the party’s Socialist Standard. You can read some of Adam Buick's work at He contributed a chapter to Maximilien Rubel and John Crump, Non-Market Socialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1987, Palgrave Macmillan, New York), which is out of print, but you can read Chapter 2, by John Crump, who often collaborated with Adam.

'I can go along with the LETS enthusiasts in denouncing this scandal of unmet needs alongside unused resources. The difference is that, while both of us criticise money, LETS enthusiasts answer "yes" to the question, "So, you want to go back to barter?" while I would answer "no". They want to retain exchange and trading with some new kind of money; I want a society based on common ownership geared to producing things directly for people to take and use in which exchange and trading, and money as the means of exchange, would be redundant.'

'The way to end the scandal of unmet needs alongside unused skills and resources is not to retain the exchange economy while trying to get rid of some of its effects by reforming the money system. It is to get rid of the exchange economy altogether by establishing a society based on the common ownership of productive resources where goods and services would be produced directly for people to take and use and not be exchanged, or bought and sold, at all.'

'The death of the commodity will be the beginning of a truly human society existing in harmony with the rest of nature.'

Adam Buick, 'Non-market socialism' in Life Without Money, pp. 150, 153 and 154


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