Ariel Salleh


Ariel Salleh is a sociologist in the Department of Political Economy at the University of Sydney (Australia). Formerly Associate Professor in Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney, she has lectured in New York, Manila, Toronto and, most recently, was a Visiting Professor at Lund University (Sweden). Ariel is on the editorial boards of several international journals, including Capitalism Nature Socialism. Widely published on eco-political thought, Ariel's books include Ecofeminism as Politics: Nature, Marx and the Postmodern (1997, Zed Books) and she edited Eco-Sufficiency & Global Justice (2009, Pluto Press/Spinifex). You can read more about Ariel and her publications at Ariel Salleh's personal website.

In Chapter 5 of Life Without Money, Ariel argues that capitalist and political structures do not fully determine the lives of women or marginalised peoples in the South but, rather, as meta-industrial labour these groupings are practitioners of a synergistic reproductive economy critical to transforming humanity-nature relations towards sustainability:

'the way that Indigenous economic models satisfy multiple needs all at once is impressive… Besides achieving subsistence, eco-sufficient economies foster learning, participation, innovation, ritual, identity and belonging…

'Capitalism is not synergistic. In fact, the logic of markets generates many random consequences.'

'For life on earth to flourish, the rule of capitalist industry and exchange value will have to be overturned.'

Ariel Salleh, 'The value of a synergistic economy' in Life Without Money, pp. 101 and 102

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