Claudio Cattaneo

Claudio Cattaneo did his PhD at the Institute for Environmental Science and Technology (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), where he remains a Research Associate. His doctoral thesis explored the ecological economics of Barcelona squatters. He holds an MSc in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh and an undergradaute degree in Business and Economics from the Carlo Cattaneo University (Italy), where he teaches ecological economics.

Claudio's research interests focus on alternative life-styles, urban and squatting movements, do-it-yourself, human ecology and political ecological economics. You can read some of his work, such as Steps Towards Autonomy and Investigating the Lifestyles of Neo-rural and Urban Squatters (in Spanish), at the Athena Digital. Revista de Pensamiento e Investigacion Social.

Claudio combines research with practical and social work as a squatter, a bicycle mechanic and an olive farmer. Claudio practices de-growth by living on less than 250 euros per month:

'Parliamentary democracy has shown limited potential. Bottom–bottom will always exist somewhere at the micro-scale — already a victory, a sign of resistance, producing real results. Bottom–bottom developments include direct deliberative democracy through assemblies, socially and virtually connected networks, the physical hubs of social centres in squats, neighbourhood associations or consumer cooperatives that split to grow on, ever bigger. Bottom–bottom is a never-ending revolution.'

Claudio Cattaneo, 'The money-free autonomy of Spanish squatters', in Life Without Money, p. 210

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