Kat Kinkade


'How can anybody explain the purpose of Utopia? It’s like explaining the purpose of Heaven. It’s just the place you want to be, that’s all.'
Kat Kinkade (1994) Is it Utopia Yet?, p. 257


Kat Kinkade (1930–2008) was a founding member of Twin Oaks intentional community, which was established in Virginia (USA) in 1967 on 123 acres of farm and forest lands. Kat also helped found the East Wind and Acorn communities, and the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.

Kat wrote two books on her experiences at Twin Oaks: A Waldon Two Experiment (1972, William Morrow & Co., New York) and Is It Utopia Yet? (1994, Twin Oaks Publishing, Louisa).

Kat died in 2008, so the material drawn from Kat's two books, in Chapter 9 of Life Without Money, 'Labour credit — Twin Oaks community' has been expanded and updated with edited extracts from the Twin Oaks Labor Policy (2009) to show how the system works today.


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