Terry Leahy


Terry Leahy is Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Newcastle (Australia). Terry teaches and publishes work on food, agriculture, permaculture, a gift economy and anarchism. Read more about him and his work at Terry Leahy's website: The Gift Economy, Anarchism and Strategies for Change.

'The "gift economy" might seem like a crazy anarchist delusion, yet I believe that sooner or later we will see that it is the only thing that will actually work.'

'I favour a mode of production in which we have abolished capitalism, state socialism, remnant feudalism, wage labour and money, and have a gift economy instead. Mostly, people would operate according to an ethic of maximising pleasure and giving useful services and products to others. All production would be voluntary and organised to satisfy the immediate needs of producers or would be given away to meet others’ needs, like a vast extension of voluntary forms of organisation that already exist. Conduct could not be regulated by denying livelihood to any section of society, since all people would be supplied by gifts from a multiplicity of independent collectives of producers. The gift economy society would be socially, racially and sexually egalitarian.'

Terry Leahy, 'A gift economy', in Life Without Money, pp. 111, 113-14


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