1. Use Value and Non-Market Socialism

Introduces the book's themes and chapters, by Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman


Part I  Critiques of Capitalism and Communism

2. Money versus Socialism

Examines the essential role of money in the economic structures of capitalism and market socialism, by Anitra Nelson.

3. Work Refusal and Self-Organisation

Focuses on the political implications of monetary structures and the creative power of people’s refusal to deal with monetary forms, by Harry Cleaver.

4. Money, Markets and Ecology

Delves into historical debates on the environment, non-monetary models, associational form of socialism and the potential and limitations of techniques of deliberative democracy, by John O'Neill

5. The Value of a Synergistic Economy

Reveals how capitalist economic and political structures determine and define the lives of women and the marginalised masses in the South, by Ariel Salleh.

6. A Gift Economy

Serves as a bridge to Part II in that its sociological critique includes a broad utopian vision of a gift economy that might evolve from already existing transitional ‘hybrid strategies’, which anticipate the values and relationships of such an economy, by Terry Leahy.


PART II  Activism and Experiments

7. Non-Market Socialism

Explains how he became a member of an international party that advocates that socialism can only operate without money and analyses various socialist strategies of contemporary movements, by Adam Buick.

8. Self-Management and Efficiency

Speaks from the experience of socialism in Eastern Europe before the fall of the Berlin Wall, by Mihailo Markovi?

9. Labour Credit — Twin Oaks Community

Analyses a communal labour-credit system in a North American community that has operated for decades, by Kat Kinkade and Twin Oaks Community.

10. The Money-Free Autonomy of Spanish Squatters

Deals with the values and practices of squatters in Spain, by Claudio Cattaneo.

11. Contract and Converge

Draws together the main themes of the book and proposes a global–local strategy for achieving a world without money, a world beyond money, by Anitra Nelson and Frans Timmerman.

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