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Chandra, Pratyush (2012) Non-market socialism: Life Without Money — An interview with Anitra Nelson, Radical Notes, 30 December.


Barkin, David (2013/2014) Book review: Life Without Money, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, published online 27 November 2013/print version Volume 25 (forthcoming), which has attracted a rebuttal by Ariel Salleh (2014) A Vernacular response to Barkin's review of Life Without Money, published online 15 April 2014/print version (forthcoming).

Stephanides, Phedeas (2012) Book review: Life Without Money, International Journal of Community Currency Research, 16, published on line November 2012 (C6–7)

Jones, Patrick (2012) Feature review article, 'Gifting economies: modelling alternative economies at the grass roots', Arena Magazine, 119 (August): pp. 23–27. Note the follow-up discussion from this review which appeared in comments in issues 121–124.

Greenland, Hall (2012) 'Another world is possible (possibly)', GreenVoice, Autumn, p. 6. Download here.

Trainer, Ted (2012) Journal of Australian Political Economy 69 (Winter): pp. 158–60 — after appearing only in part, due to printing error, in Australian Options 69.

'PB' (2012) Gifts and giving. Socialist Standard 1291, March. Download a pdf of the issue here.


Are anti-capitalists — such as Occupy activists — realising Marx's vision of 'social humanity' as in his Theses on Feuerbach, 1845? And, does this promise substituting money with direct democracy? Find a short version of the 'Green materialism' talk in the Green Agenda panel at the recent Historical Materialism Australasia 2015 conference (University of Sydney):

The full talk is on Research Gate:

A post on non-market socialism on a vibrant intellectual space created by scholarly activist friends and staff of the Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney — the Progress in Political Economy (PPE) site:

A snippet of an interview by Shirley the 'Baglady' of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales (Australia) — where I used to live — in a podcast on living sustainably the segment on a life without money can be found at –21.15mins to –17mins along the track here:

Nelson A (2013) An impossible marriage: Solidarity economy and monetary economy. Posted 26 March. United Nations Research Institute for Social Development Viewpoint Series 2013. [One of a series of think pieces by scholars and practicioners published in associated with the UNRISD Potential and Limits of Social and Solidarity Economy conference, 6 to 8 May 2013.]

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Timmerman F & Nelson A (2012) Postcard from Occupy Wall Street. Green Left (online) 10 April; Green Left Weekly #917 (print).

Nelson A (2012) Postcard from Montreal — students in the street. Green Left (online) 25 May.

The following three articles are versions on the one theme in different lengths. The most complete version is the one posted at RMIT Blog Central. They have been reprinted in other forums too, such as the Left Focus blog.

Nelson A (2011) Occupy! and radical politics, Part II — Beyond money. 21 December post on Pluto Press blog

Nelson A (2012) A money-free world. Blog Central: A hub for RMIT insight and thought leadership. 2 February.

Nelson A (2012) Occupy a money-free world? A capital idea. The Conversation. 21 February.

Australian media release, 25 November 2011, here


Nelson A (2011) Gillard government’s climate change policies: limits, prospects and alternatives. Australian Options 66 : 16–17,  October. See

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Nelson A (2010) Carbon emissions: prices and values. Journal of Australian Political Economy (Special Issue: Challenging Climate Change) 66: 268–85. See





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